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Let's get the discussion going!

To help stimulate discussion over here, I'm going to be posting some questions for you guys to answer. And of course there will be prizes for those of you who answer some or all of my questions!

The first question to ponder - who is the candidate you are most excited about voting for this election, and why?

To kick things off, here is my answer. The governor of Oregon, Ted Kulongoski, is in a close race for re-election this year. The more that I read about what he has done in his political career, the more I like and respect him. He is an advocate for many of the things I strongly believe in, such as gay rights, the environment, and nursing moms (just to name a few). However, he doesn't have that charismatic "politician" personality, and that has hurt him in many people's eyes.

There was a great editorial in the Oregonian last Sunday about how people don't warm up to Ted, even though he's the kind of politician everyone says that they want. He's honest, he works very hard to deal fairly with all parties in tough situations (unfortunately, these are the kind of lose-lose situations where everyone feels gypped in the end, even though everyone got a little bit of what they were asking for), and he really is a leader "for the people". However, he's humble and doesn't spend a lot of time tooting his own horn about every single little victory (which, apparently, is something you need to do to be wildly successful in politics). He also doesn't stretch the truth, which is another thing that is vile but seems to work for many politicians.

In many ways, he reminds me of Jimmy Carter, who is said to be the most ineffective president in history by some, but in reality was extremely honest, smart and humble. Ironically, he was the first "born again" Christian to become president. He came from humble beginnings and was very much one of the common folk. Unfortunately, what people say they want in a leader and what they really do want aren't always one and the same.

Something to think about - no matter which side you're on (Democrat, Republican or Independent), how honest is the person you're voting for? Do they really do what they say they're going to? And if they didn't, do they have a good reason (one of the traits of a good leader is to admit when they're wrong and do what's best for everyone even if they said they wouldn't raise taxes or whatever).

Now, who's your favorite candidate?


Blogger Donna said...

The first question to ponder - who is the candidate you are most excited about voting for this election, and why?

Angie Paccione, CO District 04. Why? I have to admit, I was voting against Marilyn Musgrave. Musgrave is one of the 5 most conservative Congressional Representatives, and she in no way represents the people in our district.

That is, I was voting against instead of for, until I saw Angie give a speech at a recent event. She is passionate and articulate, and she pulls no punches. I agree with her on the issues, as well. So that makes my vote a no brainer.

To be honest, I would have voted for Angie anyway. I will never vote for a Republican candidate because I disagree with their party platform, even when they have moderates running for a specific office. I can't support a party that wants to discriminate, cater to the rich, tear down Social Security, and censor the press and citizens. I can't support a party that wants to chip away at American freedoms while they claim to be spreading freedom abroad. I can't support a party that consistently disregards the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I can't support a party who has let Congress disintegrate while giving the President the powers of a king. I can't support a party that started a war. I can't support a party that tortures prisoners and then lies about it. I can't support a party that looks backwards instead of forwards.

So I'm voting for Angie Paccione because she is a Democrat and because she is passionate and forthright.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Sonya said...

The candidate I'm excited to vote for this year is Tom Hayhurst who is challenging Mark Souder for the Indiana 3rd district House seat. Souder is an ultraconservative Republican. Remember the guy who wanted to replace FDR with Reagan on the dime? That's my rep.

Hayhurst is a doctor who has long been involved in local politics in Fort Wayne. This is the first serious challenge to Souder since he was elected. This is a safely Republican district, but with the discontent at the moment Hayhurst has raised quite a bit more money than Souder and is running a strong campaign. (The RNC just started throwing money into the race, so it must be close.)

I've been impressed with the tone of Hayhurst's ads (positive), and in a recent debate he offered substantive ideas about issues that really matter to this district.

So I'm hopeful that the combination of a strong opponent and the unhappiness with the Republicans will bring Hayhurst to office.

3:14 AM  
Blogger Lavendersheep said...

I'm not super excited about any of the candidates this year, but I thought I would talk about one that is interesting to me.

I am a pretty strong Democrat and for the most part I vote that way. My one exception was this year, when I voted for Greg Walden. I don't agree with everything that he does, because he votes along party lines, which irritates me, but at least I know what he stands for. The reason that I voted for him was because of these two reasons:
The first being: the person that is running against him decided that she would only post up all of the things that Greg Walden voted for. There was not a single thing that she felt strongly about or that she would have voted for, not even on her website, which I checked over thoroughly. If she had talked more about herself and what she stood for than I probably would have voted for her. I really don't like some the latest political campaigns by some Democrats that are I'm not a Republican, so vote for me. I want to know what my candidate stands for.

The second reason that I voted for Greg Walden is that he is from this area and has done a lot for our community. He listens to our local problems and fights for them on a national level. That means a lot for a rural area like this that would otherwise be overlooked.

10:27 AM  
Blogger :L, Laura said...

they put carter down, but don't forget he was a nuclear physicist, and actually majored in humility.
some of the good he's done with "habitat for humanity" truly mean he deserves that Nobel prize... he's up there w/ the Dalai Lama, and the folks who put him down should be visiting the "liar's circle" in dante's inferno...

10:27 PM  
Blogger :L, Laura said...

2nd point, i guess i'm excited about maria cantwell - if i even have her name right - in WA state
as she's got a hugely strong environmental record... and every time i "click" on a something to send off my opinion i learn she's on the side of the endangered... the small, the helpless, and those who aren't just feathering their own nests.
... it's a shame there are so many folks who still judge the book by it's cover, and dont' look to see if words and actions match.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Ang W. said...

"who is the candidate you are most excited about voting for this election, and why?"
That would be local candidate for county attorney Werner Hellmer. Why, let's see when I was first serving on the central committee here he was the Chairperson, and took it/us from long drawn out meetings that did not get any thing done to short concise lets get something done meetings. Yeah! He then went on to have many professional dealing with us, home family and church. Even though we have every different beliefs he has done right by us every time. Because of his dealings with our church many of our friends have used his services and been treated fairly as well. Then the old county attorney died on vacation this summer, while he was not planning to run again if we are ever to get more than one token at large city council seat this would be the place to start in this union strong hold that we live.

Now moving one to Governor, I do not want either of the two big parties! They both are bad candidates. I wish the one running mate for Lt. Governor were running for Governor still. I will vote for him. Unfortunately I have to pick tone of the governor candidates I would rather not have to get him. But I do see them as being able to move our state forward again, he has not done bad leading our congressional district for the last 16 years. Really what soured me on him was his divorcing his wife, then quickly re-marring.

Oh backing up to county supervisor I believed in Patty's campaign last time, just because she was not elected doe not mean I will not vote for her again, I will! Like I said this place is a union strong hold. I just may have to vote for the independent for the other seat I am not sure about that one.

No choice again for state house or state senate we are stuck with those who believe they are life time jobs for them. OK the State Senator has usually been nice to us as we used to have professional dealings when dh was on school board and he was state senator. I do still think it was dirty of him to tell us he would be there the day we brought the boys the 4 hour drive down to see him work and he left for back home when we went out of our way by an extra day to be there to meet him. Anyway our state house representative, has only been rude. We both know we stand on opposite sides of the political isle, when I made an appointment to meet he he could have at least answered the door rather than make me knock for and hour with a hungry nursing baby waiting for me, while I was knocking when he told me to be there and had a LAME excuse he gave when he did finally answer the door. When we sat at wrestling meets watching our sons wrestle on the same team he could not cheer on any one other than his son while we cheered for the whole team, and I an NOT a wrestling fan, I was there to support our son and his team.

Congressman I want the on on my side of the political isle, businessman, over the other side trial lawyer

Then the judges I wish I could find more about. Is there a place to find that?

"how honest is the person you're voting for?"
As honest as I can find, which I question about half of them.

"Do they really do what they say they're going to? "
Those who have a political trail do, a couple it is a guessing game with. They have looked me in the eye and I have believed what I read in there eyes (the window to there soul).

'Now, who's your favorite candidate?"
Well, I think I have laid it all out.

I just cannot in good conscience vote for the party that want to destroy the home and family, babies and elderly raise our taxes and minim wage, we cannot afford to take the family out for a burger now, that would only drive it farther out of reach. We need smaller government with more local control. I am voting to try and get that here.

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

I'm really not that excited about any of the candidates for the main offices, though I will vote my party ticket. It's just that while I seriously dislike Arnold Schwarzenegger personally, he has really been a decent governor, and I admire his independence when dealing with his own party. That said, I'm more interested and anxious about the propositions, which I find extremely confusing this year. Well, back to the voter pamphlet...

2:57 PM  

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