Friday, November 03, 2006

Vote the Environment

From my voting post, I offer some links for readers who care about the protecting our environment and its resources.

The Arctic Wildlife Refuge, Endangered Species Act, and 15 National Parks are or have been at risk as a result of the current national administration. Information on national environmental issues is available at Vote the Environment, created by Patagonia.

The League of Conservation Voters is "the only organization devoted full-time to shaping a pro-environment Congress and White House." (from their mission statement). They provide a National Environmental Scorecard for elected officials. Be sure to also check out their Dirty Dozen

Project Vote Smart is a citizen's organization developing a Voter's Self-Defense Program to provide unbiased information. They offer the following links to 2006 candidate endorsements:
Grinning Planet, whose tag line is "saving the planet, one joke at a time", provides a state-by-state Environmental Voter's Guide, which includes links to Public Interest Groups (PIRGs), local Sierra Club chapters, and general information on local environmental issues and elected officials' voting records for each state, in addition to more general environmental information.

On the Issues offers up the voting record for every national elected official, organized by issue. They have lots of background material (newsmakers, issues in the news, debates, etc.). Beware pop-ups here, however.

Vote your conscience. Vote for, vote against, JUST VOTE.


Blogger knittinmom said...

Hear, hear! I was raised by environmentalist parents but kind of abandoned the whole philosophy in my 20s in pursuit of the almighty dollar. Since having kids, my husband and I have totally reversed course and are trying to do everything we can to ensure that the planet is safe and clean for our next generations.

And Project Vote Smart is a great site - anyone wondering where a candidate stands or how they've voted should check it out. The link is in the sidebar.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Ang W. said...

I found it all to be opposit of what I want to know. Or better yet confirned who NOT to vote for.

Do not miss read this I do what I can to take care of things that is just not a priority in how I vote as protecting life is MORE important.

7:58 AM  
Blogger velmalikevelvet said...

thanks to both for your comments on my post. congrats on returning to your 'green' roots, 'mom, and sorry i didn't see the link in the sidebar; didn't mean to be redundant.

hi, ang, thanks for weighing in on the other side of the issue. i have a question: i'm confused by what you mean when you said you "found it all to be opposit(sic) of what I want to know"; maybe i am misunderstanding. were you referring to project vote smart? since they don't, to my knowledge, advocate voting for/against anyone/anything, but instead report on who has said what and how elected officials vote on issues, i'm stumped. what was it you wanted to know? just trying to understand your point. thanks! velma

3:43 PM  

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