Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The prizes!

Finally, we've got our prizes drawn for three of our lucky voters. Here's what they will receive:

I've got blue yarn, red yarn, and some Wildefoote that has all the colors blended together (to represent the great discussion we had on this blog, and the fact that we're really not all that different when it comes right down to it).

Our lucky winners are Melanie, who will get the blue yarn, Yvonne, who will get the red yarn, and Debra, who will get the Wildefoote.

Thanks for playing, everyone! I am turning this blog over to Emily, who has graciously offered to help manage it and keep the discussion going. Obviously I have been a bit neglectful lately (something about some sock knit-along).

Happy knitting!


Blogger Debra said...

Yay!!! I saw these yarns and hoped for the Wildefoote!!

Happy happy!!

1:35 PM  

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