Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Never Felt So Impotent

I'm watching the news, I'm surfing the net, I've got my "I Voted" sticker on.

And I've never felt so impotent in my entire voting career.

I am so FLIPPIN' PISSED about not having a vote in Congress.

Where's my voice on national issues? Who is listening to me about the environment, the war, education?

My husband and I took our 17-month-old with us to the polls today, and I voted for candidates that I felt good about. Particularly the energetic new mayor, a Democrat who carries two Blackberries and runs marathons.

We're going to teach Slim about the importance of casting a ballot, but talk about the frustration of not having a voice on the national level. Anybody that is sitting out there in the states at home and not exercising their right to vote, you're on my list right now.

If your polls aren't closed, GO VOTE ALREADY!


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